Training Spiritually Awakened Leaders for an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

Trinfinity presents:


Civilization Upgraders is a dedicated training platform for the sincere seeker of enlightenment who wishes to strip themselves of all internal lies and realize the truth and potential of their real self. This platform trains people just like you in spiritually aligned and awakened leadership to maximize their ability to live in balanced service to an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.




Civilization Upgraders are bold, paradigm-breaking leaders. They have constituted themselves as the change they’re here to effect in the world and they aim to stick to that unflinchingly with love and wisdom.

Their main purpose and joy in life is to help make the difference this planet is begging us for, with the emphasis being on upgrading the consciousness of mankind, for they understand that the quality of our actions flows from the quality of our self-awareness.

Upgrade people’s consciousness and you will upgrade its civilization at its root. We’re building the army of awakeners this planet deserves.

Civilization Upgraders are committed to see through and beyond their own personal agendas and biases and have transcended their need for instant gratification and social validation. Their compensatory behaviors have transformed into authentic alignment to truth and the benefit of all. They are no longer motivated by limited human preferences; instead they are inspired directly by spirit, wisdom, intuition, unity-consciousness, devotion and love for all.

Accomplished Civilization Upgraders have purified their minds and are fully geared toward creating a future that benefits this planet and everything that lives on it. They are often controversial, misunderstood or unpopular at first because they don’t fit into any familiar societal boxes; they are outliers. Even though their intent is pure and their hearts are filled with love, they can often intimidate mainstream consciousness, which is afraid of the new, the needed, and the unknown. The Civilization Upgrader has transcended the fear of not fitting in, and as such, will stay the course with love and courage.

As a result of their radical self-honesty and focused purpose, they are the ones who pave new ground and move humanity forward in the evolution of its consciousness.

* The above two programs are the first in a series designed specifically to develop Civilization Upgraders. Join our growing family of independent thinkers, spiritually awakened leaders, and well-trained enablers of a new planetary consciousness.