Training Spiritually Awakened Leaders for an Enlightened Civilization by 2035.

 The shepherding consciousness program:



“To be a Shepherd is to love those you serve with such conviction that your act of serving them kills all your ideas of yourself in the process and liberates you from the lesser state of being a person having needs and preferences.

Throughout history worth remembering, it has always been outstanding devotion to something more than just oneself that liberated people from petty-minded addictions, mundane lives and self-imagined shackles. Be committed to rise above your personal needs through the discovery of your True Self, so that you can shine like an inexhaustible Sun; giving light to all without needing light in return from those you serve.” 

-Bentinho Massaro

For me, this process has been the most intense but the most rewarding thing I have ever done. To say I am grateful is such an understatement. I came in thinking that I had it sorted with self realization …. and that I just had a bit of work to do on self actualization. Haha wrong! I had no idea who I was really and what was underneath.
— V.G.

About The Program:

The Shepherding Consciousness Program is a year-long course with 52 weekly sessions. The lessons will remain available to you even after you have completed them. This course has open enrollment, so new adepts are joining every day. There will always be adepts in the program who are at around the same place in the course as you are.

Remember, this program is not for the improvement of your personal circumstances or lifestyle. It is not about you at all. This is the first and only spiritual training designed to create an army of Shepherds in service to the collective through the balance of love and wisdom. Only enroll if you are genuinely interested in shifting from being a consumer to being a creator. You will be required to create rather than consume this program—to elevate yourself beyond your conditioning.


 Who is it for? 

  • Fairly awake people who wish to serve humanity.

  • People who know they have incarnated at this time to find and implement their calling.

  • People who have been studying Bentinho’s teachings long enough to understand that what they are is beyond a person—and who have a desire to eliminate personal biases and susceptibility to triggers.

  • People who wish to see beyond others’ personal bubbles in order to provide the most benefit to them.

Who is it NOT for?

  • People who dabble in spirituality as a lifestyle or form of recurring relief.

  • People brand new to spirituality or Bentinho’s teachings.

  • People who are defensive of their personal identity; turned off by the sentence “Get over yourself.”

  • People who need to heal deep traumas to the extent that they are not comfortable receiving a regular ‘kick in the butt’ from Bentinho or facilitators.


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