The Inception Group Chat

This was the epic conversation that started The Next Level initiative. It happened over WhatsApp in our group chat and disrupted everything. When you subscribe you’ll get to read the conversation in its entirety. Prepare to nosedive into The Next Level.

The only way to raise the bar is to disrespect peoples’ comfort zones.
— Bentinho Massaro


Acceptance vs. Control

Acceptance vs. Control was one of the first sessions of The Next Level and is an important prerequisite for the following weeks. Its format is less conversational and more like a guided meditation that reminds you to stop micromanaging your experience and to go beyond the assumption that you are a person in a body.

Any attempt to control your environment and how others perceive you squashes the naturalness out of life, your body, and your purpose.
— Bentinho Massaro


How To Avoid Self-Judgment While Going Through The Next Level:

This session happened months into The Next Level conversations but we found it so valuable and relevant that we decided to include it as a bonus session in the first week for subscribers. The Next Level is a raised bar. This means that the standard of things like radical honesty, self-awareness, being of service to others, and processing your stuff cleanly and quickly has been raised. (And raised a lot.)

The day before this session was recorded, we made “cuts” in the Next Level group. We asked certain participants to step down into a witnessing role so that those left could proceed constructively with The Next Level intention. One result of these cuts was an increase in self-judgment for many participants.

This session helped us see the futility of self-judgment (and judgment of each other)—and taught us to maintain a cool, loving spaciousness within as we continue to turn up the heat.

Get the distinction that during these sessions when we raise the bar and the heat gets turned up underneath your persona, that you’re held in a space of inclusion. The only person who could exclude you is you—by coming to certain conclusions or taking things too personally.
— Bentinho Massaro


These sessions are only available as part of The Next Level subscription. We don’t sell individual recordings because each session is part of an evolving journey that requires your commitment. Join us.