Group Talk About Complacency

Oliver shares a reflection that he got from Cory and Kars which confused him; Bentinho offers clarification. Lisa and Sunni share briefly, and then Bentinho addresses a broader complacency in the group. This becomes something of a meditation on breaking through complacency, raising one’s consciousness continually, and not getting sidetracked or slowed-down by judgment.

For The Next Level you should never be less intentional than the moment before. Complacency needs to be recognized. Your intentionality becomes your focus, becomes your joy.
— Bentinho Massaro
If you feel a cloudiness then you can either let that consume you or you can stay really clear. And it’s not about getting rid of the cloud you see. It’s not about performing. It’s about having an intention that penetrates everything. You allow the cloud to be exactly as it is. You don’t judge the cloud but see it as an opportunity to attune to something higher.
— Bentinho Massaro
Transcendence has nothing to do with changing or modifying Creation. Whatever you include, you transcend. Whatever you battle or try to change, you’re identified with. And if you identify with a partial point of view, you can’t be All That Is; you will not access the Love and the Divinity of all-inclusivity. Awareness is timelessly accepting of all things.
— Bentinho Massaro



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