Beyond Linear Growth

After returning from Egypt, we organized a retreat in Holland for Tier 1 participants who had finished the Shepherding Consciousness program. There were around 30 people total, and many of the guest participants hadn’t been involved in any of the previous Next Level dialogues (though some also attended the retreat in Egypt).

Expectedly, the bar was quite high for things like willingness, transparency, optimism, and not taking things personally. So when we merged with the broader group there were noticeable misalignments—resulting in an awesome discussion about getting over your shit.

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Who gives a fuck about your loneliness? And why do you give a fuck about your loneliness? Why make it so significant? Why linger in that whole realm of pleasing one’s own emotions and thoughts and cherishing them as if you’re vulnerable? The Next Level is about leaping and imagining the unimaginable version of you. Something you wouldn’t expect. Not gradual growth. Not linear understanding, but a version of you; a state where your loneliness is not an issue. It might arise, but it is not seen as significant.
— Bentinho Massaro
What you want is freedom. That’s what this is all about: no longer keeping yourself hidden or safe or private. And not in the stereotypical sense of sharing everything and being vulnerable. No, it’s not about being vulnerable, it is about being invulnerable.
 So if you want to be invulnerable, you’ve got to stop protecting your feelings. From what? And who are you protecting?
— Bentinho Massaro
The Next Level really requires you to shift your attention from what to who, over and over again. Because you can talk endlessly about the what, and feel like you made progress, but if the who doesn’t change, you have made no Next Level progress. You just changed the furniture inside the same house, but you are in the same house. The house has the same dimensions, you are not any more free, you have no more space.
— Bentinho Massaro

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