Bentinho begins week 16 by admitting that many of these talks feel redundant to him—they are built on a premise he doesn’t like to reinforce (and will not continue to reinforce much longer): the premise that our insecurities, attachments, misalignments, and otherwise slow or inefficient processes are caused by something external. Whether this something external is our circumstances, our conditioning, general confusion, fear, feeling unworthy, or anything else doesn’t matter—if it’s outside of our control, that makes us victims. And the victim premise is incompatible with The Next Level.

In Devotion, Bentinho gives an awesome reflection to Felix about “buying ads” (thought advertisements offered by the mind, that we choose to buy). He talks to Bastian about the importance of hunger and genuine seeking being prerequisites for these dialogues. He also answers questions from Robert, Rashma and Kars all consistent with the topic of ending the delusion of separation and understanding what “devotion” actually implies.

The need for these talks is because of the illusion of no choice; the idea of victimization. Victim to our own thoughts, our own patterns, our own cycles. And we keep choosing to believe that we have no free will. The person is a lack of free will. But you are free will. You’re The Creator.
— Bentinho Massaro
Your state of being follows your will. Always. There is no exception to this. And yet every single question you ask me comes from the assumption that there is an exception to this. (You keep assuming that somehow you have arrived at a state of being independent of your own will or focus and you wish to change it by means other than your will.)
— Bentinho Massaro
To be devoted means to believe in yourself to ridiculous delusional degrees—this will surely lead to self mastery. Not to be convinced of what you think, that’s different; but to believe in your capacity to tackle anything. To go beyond anything.
— Bentinho Massaro


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