Dismantling the Person Identity

Time to recalibrate. What is the intention of The Next Level? What is the intention of this group? Where is everyone at with this intention?

After some discussion, we move into a guided meditation about how all the time, in our day to day interactions, there is a constant assumption of separation. Sincere seekers investigate these assumptions, and insincere seekers bounce around in different processes, asking irrelevant questions.

One interesting point from this conversation is the way separation manifests as feeling like you don’t have a choice; like things are going a certain way without our consent. This victimization is a telltale sign of the separation assumption.

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What you are experiencing is what you are WILLING right now. The only question you should ask yourself is: What am I willing today?
— Bentinho Massaro
Be curious about what you are assuming because that assumption is your prison.
— Bentinho Massaro
Fighting against anything is an expression of delusion. This being said, one can go to war without being in a state of fighting.
— Bentinho Massaro


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