The Interpreting Mechanism

The Interpreting Mechanism is a reflection Bentinho gave Soemeh when she said she felt stuck, or blocked. We were sitting on a rooftop terrace in Egypt, and Soemeh spoke for many of us as she described being unable to get the words out or to think clearly. The resulting conversation touched on what Bentinho called “man’s greatest burden” (which is unfulfilled potential)—and how not fulfilling our potential, and blaming it on being stuck, scared, shy, confused, or any other excuse, is actually a choice we make over and over to make it look like it’s not up to us; like we’re the victim of something external.

One point worth noting is that after this talk, Soemeh was different: faster, lighter, more confident. She hasn’t complained about feeling “stuck” since.

The Next Level Dialogues With The Highly Committed
Inspiration and action have no separation unless there is interpretation of the inspiration.
This is where the ego builds itself. The ego is the interpreter and blocker of Infinite Intelligence. It diminishes your love, bliss and wisdom.
— Bentinho Massaro


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