Be 100% Confident

Before this conversation, Mark wrote to the group chat and said he was processing something and wouldn’t be present for the dialogue. He eventually decided to join, and the conversation begins with Bentinho asking him to step it up, share publicly, and transmute the issue instead of processing it privately.

After working with Mark we move on to personal reflections for everyone who we considered to be “on the fringe” (not a clear yes or a clear no) from the “Cutting The Meat” conversation in week 19. 

Every personal reflection, while curated for that individual, is a universal teaching that applies to everyone present.

The Next Level is in many ways about realising that you can accelerate at a much faster pace than is expected by your environment; than is expected based on looking at other people and how fast they grow from the great illusion of experience.
— Bentinho Massaro
“I don’t give a shit” is a reaction to something you’ve already given meaning to. First there has to be something that has meaning for you to then not give a shit about. Not giving a shit is still a personal reaction coming from a lack perspective, though it may be a stepping stone toward the true detachment which is unconditional love.
— Bentinho Massaro
If you want to be free, you have to be rigorous with yourself and no longer determine your freedom based on anything that has form; anything that moves. Radical and instant discipline. It’s an immediate choice. Kick yourself in the balls so you can stop beating yourself up.
— Bentinho Massaro


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