Following the Thread

Session 1, Following the Thread, takes place after Kars volunteers to receive reflections from the group, and a handful of us take turns trying “aim high” and give him constructive feedback. Our efforts were sloppy and at some point Bentinho takes over (which is where the recording begins). After an impressive and simple breakthrough for Kars, Following the Thread becomes more of a tactical coaching session on trusting your wisdom, taking expressive risks, and committing to the clarity that you do have.

It’s not me that has the full picture. It’s not me that is clear. It’s just me that has faith; that is surrendered; that doesn’t doubt what it knows.
— Bentinho Massaro

Healing Family Dynamics

Session 2, Healing Family Dynamics, is a longer discussion with sisters Rashma and Soemeh about a sibling dynamic that makes it distracting for them to live together. Bentinho addresses an important subtlety about how to coach people on topics that feel sensitive like this. Ultimately they uproot a hidden strategy that leaves both sisters feeling relieved.


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