Exploring The Law of One

Bentinho started tonight’s session with an option: either we have select individuals practice taking on “Bentinho’s Role” by confidently and selflessly offering teachings and reflections—an edgy and perhaps more intimidating option—OR we could sit back and listen to Bentinho read and reflect on excerpts from The Law of One.

The group votes for the relaxed option, listening to Bentinho lecture, and those of us who voted for the practice-teaching session are underwhelmed.

However, to our pleasant surprise, The Law of One session inspires a contextual optimism and relief. Similar to the way having a bird’s eye view can offer clarity and confidence about the current tasks at hand, this session gave context to our Next Level conversations (and our private processes in general). It made what previously felt daunting feel necessary, straightforward, and part of a much bigger and more important effort.

One point Bentinho made that stood out was that his affection for and integration of The Law of One may be one of the main differentiators between him and other seekers. Where many still lack a greater context, he has perspective. And with greater perspective he isn’t liable to get sucked into the petty human stuff the way so many others do.

Humility is the peace of knowing the oneness of yourself and The Creator. Anything except that is a form of arrogance.
— Bentinho Massaro
The value of The Law of One material is immeasurable to the soul. You can read this material for the rest of your coming 1000 lifetimes and still benefit greatly with each read-through.
— Bentinho Massaro
Humility is to see yourself as not separate, but whole and at one with all that is.
— Bentinho Massaro


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