Weird Energy in the Collective Field

Weird Energy in the Collective Field is a unique talk. Unlike many others that are based on reflections tailored to individuals and meditations to clarify the group, this conversation was an exploration where all of us, including Bentinho, worked to pinpoint a subtle misalignment we all felt. We explored whether it was related to interpersonal dynamics within our group or something bigger, potentially global.

Open the Heart to The Creator

In this potent 8-minute meditation, Bentinho encourages Romee to meditate wholeheartedly; to give her personal self up to The Creator. This is an advanced talk—we recommend re-listening repeatedly.

The attainment of the impersonal; the surrender to the impersonal will personally gratify you. It will infuse you with the bliss of eternity and indestructibility and invulnerability and grace and all that sweet stuff.
— Bentinho Massaro

A Short Talk About the Judgment Bubble

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A Short Talk About the Judgment Bubble was a spontaneous session with Soemeh after a long silent group meditation in Egypt. We went to a cafe afterward and Soemeh seemed troubled. Then she stood up—about to leave—but before she left she looked at us and started crying. “I’m sorry for polluting.”

Whatever she was going through, she decided to stay and face it instead of leaving and sorting through it alone. This opened up a beautiful dialogue.

The reflection from Bentinho addressed a bigger topic: popping the bubble of being an object of your awareness, and becoming the subject; the awareness itself.


Unworthiness, Unlovability, and Core Coding

In this conversation, Bentinho talks to Lisa about her core coding. If someone’s core coding is not fully seen, they will continue to “play the game” of the personal self, which is limited, repetitive, and not next level. He addresses elements of Lisa’s core coding which include fear of failure, unworthiness, unlovable-ness, and over-achievement as a compensation mechanism. The solution, Lisa’s next level, is absolute humility.

This conversation is transcribed because the quality of the audio recording was too poor.

One way to define enlightenment is 100% conviction in your lovability by the One. The moment you are absolutely doubtless that you are wholly included by the Infinite Creator—the ‘little you’ drops away—this is enlightenment.
— Bentinho Massaro


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