Raising the Bar

This talk took place in Egypt after several participants from Tier 1 of the Shepherding Consciousness program joined a group of us for a retreat. This meant those of us who had built momentum with The Next Level had to orient our guests to what The Next Level was (and more importantly, what it wasn’t).

This session, Raising the Bar, felt to many of us like the “grand opening” of The Next Level; it set the bar and taught us to “aim high.”

Welcome to the next level. Don’t make it significant. It is not about you.
— Bentinho Massaro
Every time you aim higher (assuming you actually have the genuine confidence and it’s not a vanity thing), the less there will be bickering between yourself and self, yourself and other selves, or yourself and the creator. Every time you hear people bicker with themselves and others it’s because their aim is low.
— Bentinho Massaro
The higher the aim, the less the small minded stuff even arises
— Bentinho Massaro



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