The Shift in Identity From Which You Can Never Recover

This is the first session where we discover that in order for these dialogues to be worthwhile, we need to make a distinction between those who are actively excited and ready to step it up—and those who are resistant, defensive, asking irrelevant or tedious questions, and otherwise not ready or in alignment with The Next Level intention.

The Next Level means invalidating and transcending what we are currently identified with. This understandably causes reluctance and fear. This session encourages those who aren’t ready for that to step back, and begins to teach those who are ready to make the shift.

Week 6 Photo
The process to get to the truth is happening inside the illusion. This is why conviction, or a shift in confidence, is the quickest way. The quickest way is not through practice, it’s not through experience, it’s not even through direct experience. Direct experience is a means to conviction. Because it doesn’t matter how much you experience the True Self, it’s already the case.
— Bentinho Massaro
Concentration is nothing but ignoring everything except the focal point.
— Bentinho Massaro
The process of questioning the strategies is to be beyond the person. The positive definition of allowing the ego to die is to trust in the Creator.
— Bentinho Massaro



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