Exploring Group Dynamics

Out of all the dialogues in The Next Level, this was the most surprising and game-changing. After a long, uncomfortable wait, Cory addressed a pervasive group complacency that was felt throughout the room. Unlike other talks comprised of guidance or reflections by Bentinho, this was our chance to walk the talk. We were clearly missing some potential and if we didn’t make an architectural change in our approach to these sessions, The Next Level could flop (and we all felt it). For a while we clumsily worked to “plug the leaks” and redesign the group structure. With Bentinho’s help (and a few cool and unexpected organizational tactics), Kars, Oliver and Cory identified themselves as the group leaders, responsible for the flow of future talks.

The first step is to notice what’s off. Second step is to check yourself: make sure that you’re in the vision and not leaking into the vibration that feels off. Stay confidently in that person’s potential. Now you have both ends of the spectrum. Hold those two vibrations next to each other and you will begin to see what’s required to move from what’s off to the vision.
— Bentinho Massaro

Using What We’ve Learned

This week’s second session, Using What We’ve Learned, is the first talk we had as a group without Bentinho present to guide it. The previous session, Exploring Group Dynamics, was a surprising turn that left Kars, Oliver, and Cory responsible for the direction of the future dialogues. This was our first effort to step up as leaders.


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