The Willingness to Lead

This is the first group session with Bentinho after Cory, Kars and Oliver self-selected as group leaders. We discuss the potential pitfalls of being in an artificial leadership role, and Bentinho gives a thorough teaching on what makes a leader a genuine leader; or as he calls it, a shepherd.

It’s one thing to teach and share; it’s another to have to inspire people—to have to raise their vibration so they are even able to receive the teachings. That motivation, attention span and intense desire for growth needs to ultimately be generated by the student; not just brought about by the speaker or teacher.
— Bentinho Massaro
Anything that is relevant to us—anything that comes with a process or carries an emotional charge—points us to an assumption of self. So there are two things we can do. We can integrate the information and grow a little with that self, or we can investigate: Who is that self? Is it really true? Is that really what I am? Is that really what I’m limited by? Are those rules that I want to continue to abide by, or is there a next level?
— Bentinho Massaro
The ego is nothing but insecurity. It doesn’t exist; it’s just where you position yourself—based on your self-esteem, based on what you believe is true, based on what you believe you are.
— Bentinho Massaro


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